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600+ soccer training sessions
One click in your training calendar

Select training sessions from our database that suit your team, performance level and age. Modify them according to your needs or simply create your own training sessions.

Fußball Trainingsübungen und Pläne

For all ages and levels

Regardless of the age group and performance level of your players - our training sessions help you to increase the quality of your team and work even more efficiently. You have access to a wide range of functions that allow you to plan effectively.

  • 600+ soccer training sessions for every level

    Find the perfect training for your team. With us, you are guaranteed to find training content for every age and ability level.

  • Training description

    Each training course is accompanied by a concise description that supplements the content.

  • 120+ categories

    Search for training sessions that are perfect for your team. Workouts you create yourself are automatically saved in the corresponding exercise categories.

  • Trainings-Creator

    Let your creativity run wild and create your own training sessions.

  • Share

    Share your training sessions with your fellow coaches and increase efficiency together.

  • Personal notes

    Improve your training with personalized notes. When you share your workouts, your personal notes remain confidential.

  • Copy and edit

    You can copy the training content of the Coaching Zone and adapt it to your individual requirements. For example, you can change the order of the exercises with just one click.

  • Lists of favourites

    Create favourites lists for training sessions to keep yourself even better organized.

  • Training calendar and plans

    Expand your training plans and save them directly in your personal training calendar.

Free sessions

Experience our free sessionsand see the outstanding quality of the graphics, descriptions, videos and functions for yourself. Take advantage of the free, no-obligation trial period and get full 14-day access to all PLUS content.

Fußballtraining Video präsentation

Communicate visually

Our coaches often use illustrations or videos to discuss the exercises with the team. In this way, the focus and content of the training can be explained even better.

Group 74@0.5x (1)Training content explained more quickly
Group 74@0.5x (1)Focus areas better emphasized


Our training courses are multi-layered

Our soccer training with children and young people is something special. From kindergarten to the professional team, you will find many soccer exercises and game forms that you can implement directly in your training. All exercises and game forms are practice-oriented and have been intensively tested by us in children's and youth training. This allows you to make your children's soccer training versatile and select your soccer drills and game forms flexibly and attractively for youth and adult players.

Moderne Sessions

We offer modern training content for all age groups, from Bambinis to professionals, tailored to the respective abilities and needs.

Modern methodology

Our training methodology is age-appropriate, development-oriented and gradually adapts to the growing skills of the individual players and the entire soccer team.  

Modern application

Our modern and practice-oriented training sessions can be transferred directly to the sports field by coaches and carried out dynamically with the players.