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25+ training plans
Season planning at the touch of a button

Plan an entire season, a second half or a specific topic in just a few minutes - no problem with our high-quality, tried-and-tested plans.

Fußballtraining planen auf Knopfdruck
  • 25+ plans for every training phase

    Find the perfect plans to suit your team. Regardless of age or ability, we have something for everyone.

  • Description

    Each training plan is described in detail and can be integrated into your calendar with just a few clicks.

  • 15+ categories

    Search for suitable plans for your team in the desired category.

  • Trainingsplan-Creator

    Let your creativity run wild and create your own plans.

  • Teilen

    Teile Pläne mit deinen Trainerkollegen und arbeite so noch effizienter zusammen.

  • Persönliche Notizen

    Erweitere Pläne mit deinen persönlichen Notizen. Auch wenn du die Trainings teilst, bleiben die Notizen privat.

  • Kopieren und editieren

    Du kannst Coaching Zone-Inhalte kopieren und nach deinen Wünschen anpassen. So kannst du z. B. die Reihenfolge der Trainings jederzeit verändern.

  • Favoritenlisten

    Markiere Pläne als Favoriten, um sie noch schneller zu finden.

  • Trainingskalender und Pläne

    Definiere die trainingsfreien Tage und füge Pläne mit wenigen Klicks deinem Kalender hinzu. Du brauchst keine zwei Minuten, um eine ganze Saison zu planen.

Up to 98% time savings in planning

Plan an entire season, a second half of the season or just a specific phase at the touch of a button. Select a plan, the training days and set the start date. The training sessions are automatically added to your training calendar and the planning is complete.

Our training plans are comprehensive

Our training plans for soccer are ready to use at any time. If you don't have much time for planning, you can access them straight away and use our perfectly coordinated compilations of soccer exercises with a technical and tactical focus. From technical training to goalkeeper training, you'll find everything you need for good soccer training. Use our training plans with a wide range of exercises for soccer training to make your planning easier.

Systematic training plans

Our wide range of training plans can be used immediately to set challenging and motivating training tasks that cover all aspects of the game of soccer.

Systematic development

Our training plans systematically build on each other, take into account the athletic development of the players and facilitate training planning and time management for the coaches.

Systematic individuality

With our software, coaches set individual tasks for their players to complete within a given time frame and gradually develop into flexible decision-makers.