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Drawing software
Let your creativity run wild

There are no limits to your ideas. Create running and passing routes, move players, change colors, positions and pitches with a single click.

Kostenlose Zeichensoftware für Fußballtrainings und Übungen
  • 250+ usable graphics, figures and playing fields

    Discover our extensive template library and choose from a variety of graphics, player figures and playing fields. There are no limits to your imagination.

  • Intuitive operation

    You can digitize and optimize your training ideas in no time at all - thanks to the intuitive menu navigation and simple drawing techniques.

  • Time saving thanks to copy function

    Copy our drawings and adapt them to your needs. The copy function saves you time and work.

  • Visualize your ideas everywhere

    You can draw your best training ideas anytime and anywhere. Our drawing software runs on all end devices and can be used to its full extent on the mobile web.

  • Unique design

    The design of the game pieces, playing fields and objects is modern, clear and practical. The drawings are easy to understand for everyone.