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1800+ Soccer drills
Perfectly visualised and described

Save valuable time when preparing your training and realise your own ideas in no time at all.

Fußballübungen kostenlos herunterladen

For every age and level

Our extensive range of exercises and forms of play forms a solid basis for individual training and planning concepts. Use our professional and tried-and-tested content or simply create your own. We offer you numerous functions for effective training organisation.

  • 1800+ professional soccer drills

    Search for suitable exercises and forms of play for your team. We have a large selection for every age group and ability level.

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions

    Each exercise is described with easy-to-understand text explanations and divided into implementation, organisation, coaching, variations and motivation.

  • 120+ exercise categories

    Browse through the desired categories or save your own exercise in a category.

  • Exercise Creator

    Use your creativity to design your own exercises and game forms with high-quality graphics or add images and videos.

  • Customised preview images

    Choose your own preview image for the exercises - just as you like it.

  • Image and video upload

    Add exciting video material to your customised exercises and upload it directly to the exercises.

  • YouTube and Vimeo links

    Easily link YouTube and Vimeo videos to your exercises and play them directly during your workout.

  • Share

    Share your exercises with your fellow trainers and increase your joint efficiency.

  • Personalised notes

    Add personalised notes to your exercises. When you share the exercise, your personal notes remain private.

  • Copy and edit

    Copy and edit the Coaching Zone content to your liking to customise the exercise even better for your team.

  • Favourites lists

    Create your personal favourites lists to find exercises even faster.

  • Training preparation

    Increase your efficiency and creativity in training preparation by adding drills to your own training sessions with just a few clicks.

  • Upload your existing exercises

    Exercises that you have created in other software or as a hand-drawn sketch are no problem for us. We will be happy to import all your existing exercises for you on request.

Free exercises

Try out our free exercises and be impressed by the first-class quality of our graphics, videos and descriptions. Take advantage of the no-obligation trial period with full access to over 2000+ exercises, workouts and videos. Experience it for yourself and let it work its magic.

Ball dexterity | With the row of sixes part 1 (1206)
Game intelligence | In 2 vs. 2 to 4 vs. 3 with players on dribble goals (1282)
Ball driving | In the diamond shape part 1 (1215)
Play in the end zone | Attacks through three zones from 1 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 3 (1544)
Ball dexterity | With the row of sixes part 1 (1206)
Kick-off opening | In 5 + TW against 5 pressing players on three mini goals (2330)

Possession/switching game | game in four zones with three teams (1251)

Endless fit Y option goal shot (1718)
Funspiel | Tic Tac Toe (1742)
Position training | Goal finish in the penalty area after inputs and crosses (1734)
Covid | Pass lines open and close in four zones (1738)
Cognitive circle level 4 (1733)

120+ categories

All exercises are stored in more than 120 categories. You can use the filter to select the desired criteria and search for suitable exercises. Below you can see an overview of the categories and the direct link to the respective exercises.

Technology   Tactics   Athletics   Fun games   Kognition   Goalkeeper   Game systems   Speed of action  Regeneration   Positionstraining   Individualtraining 

Fußballtraining Video präsentation

Communicate visually

Our coaches often use illustrations or videos to discuss the exercises with the team and explain the details and focus even better.

Group 74@0.5x (1)Training content explained more quickly
Group 74@0.5x (1)Focus areas better emphasized


Our exercises are top class

Coaching Zone offers practice-oriented exercises and game forms in soccer for all age groups - from Bambinis to juniors to seniors. Our soccer exercises (soccer drills) enable intensive build-up training and cover all the key areas of training. Dribbling, passing, shooting at goal and many other technical and tactical aspects are taught in a game-oriented way and explained with easy-to-understand texts, graphics and videos.


Our teams are trained by highly qualified and experienced coaches in competitive sport or in the German Bundesliga.

Professional drawing software

Our specially developed, free drawing software for soccer enables us to visualize drills and game forms professionally.

Professional post-processing

We attach great importance to quality. Before exercises and game forms are published, we check all aspects and test them intensively in practice.