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600+ training videos for perfect understanding
From the kids to the pros - it's all there

Our high-quality training videos explain exercises, training sessions and plans in a flash. Show the videos to your team and control them via interactive elements.

Fußballvideos fürs Training

Simple video search and interactive controls

Our professional videos are recorded, tested and digitally post-edited with junior and professional teams. The integrated video player is equipped with special controls to get the most out of the training videos.

  • 600+ professional soccer videos

    Over 600 professionally produced soccer videos complement our graphics and text descriptions. They explain the progression of drills and game forms to you and your team in no time at all.

  • Download video

    Upload your videos and create your personal video database. Analyze practice recordings together with your team.

  • 5-second increments

    With just one click, you can move forwards or backwards 5 seconds. You quickly get an overview of the individual video sequences.

  • To the next video

    As soon as you have started a training video, you can switch seamlessly from one exercise to the next.

  • Single images

    Use the single frame function to analyze scenes frame by frame. Pause the video and use the arrow key to jump from one image to another.

  • Slow motion and fast motion

    Choose a speed from 0.25x to 2x and enjoy the video at your desired speed.

  • Full screen mode

    Experience a wealth of additional details in practical full-screen mode.

  • Keyboard control

    Use the fast and precise navigation with the keyboard.

  • Cross-device use

    Use our training videos at any time on all devices - on the go and at home.

Free videos

Experience our free videos and let the outstanding quality and intuitive controls convince you.

Ball dexterity | With the series of sixes part 1 (1206)
Game intelligence | In 2 vs. 2 to 4 vs. 3 with players on dribble goals (1282)
Ball driving | In the diamond shape part 1 (1215)

Play in the end zone | Attacks through three zones from 1 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 3 (1544)

Ball dexterity | With the series of sixes part 1 (1206)

Kick-off opening | In 5 + TW against 5 pressing players on three mini goals (2330)

Possession/switching game | game in four zones with three teams (1251)

Endless fit Y option goal shot (1718)

Funspiel | Tic Tac Toe (1742)

Position training | Goal finish in the penalty area after inputs and crosses (1734)

Covid | Pass lines open and close in four zones (1738)

Cognitive circle level 4 (1733)

Fußballtraining Video präsentation

Communicate visually

Our coaches often use illustrations and videos to discuss drills and game forms with the team and to better explain details and focus.

Group 74@0.5x (1)Training content explained more quickly
Group 74@0.5x (1)Focus areas better emphasized


Official video and content partners

Working closely with our video and content partners, we are able to develop high-quality content for every area of soccer and record it exclusively for our coaches.

Our videos are unique

Our soccer training videos are outstanding. You will find many high-quality recordings of exercises and game forms for all age groups - from the youngest to the C-youth to the professional level. The content of the exercises and game forms correspond to the recommendations of the major soccer associations such as SFV or DFB. Not only can you easily understand your training with our top-class videos, you can even visualize them for your players on the pitch.

High quality

Our concise training videos to illustrate the exercises and forms of play are recorded in top quality and optimized during editing.

High-quality content

Our videos are special in terms of content and quality and present the latest training methodology in an easily understandable way.

High-quality availability

With the extensive video database, training content and tasks are easy to convey - available everywhere and compatible with all end devices.