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What should a coach be like?

We asked ourselves, what skills does a trainer actually need?

Many courses and books explain this topic in detail, but the perspective of children and young people is often left out. That's why we asked the players at FC Kickers Basel: "What should a coach be like?" The following is a summary of the answers we received and only slightly adjusted for spelling. The sentences marked in bold are frequently mentioned wishes.


Trainer Kickers

Character of the coach

  • You can have fun with the coach (and he can have fun with us).
  • also play games.
  • be funny & have a sense of humor.
  • Helpful
  • authentic
  • lots of knowledge about football
  • should give me confidence for my game.
  • Strict


  • I would like a coach who is strict but also fair.
  • Always pushes us and motivates us in the game.  But he also has to be strict and sometimes loud in training.
  • Have the team under control.
  • Strict
    • but patient
  • not too strict but consistent
    • be fair
  • Set boundaries

Coaching / Improve and help

  • The coach could also sometimes give us tips on what to do in the game or at home on our own.
    • Demanding
  • Have patience
  • Motivate
    • Sometimes be loud/ sometimes be quiet
    • loud
    • be funny
    • motivate with fun/jokes
  • empathetic
  • Correct errors
    • good explanations
  • don't shout continuously during the game/training.
  • a little scolding
  • should only shout if someone really wants it or is helping someone.
  • should teach us something and make us work hard.


  • not only games
    • he should not only do what the players want to do
  • Also do tactical training
  • Also do polysports and strength training
  • Technique
    • Series 6
  • 1 against 1
  • Juggling
  • Shooting training
  • Final game
    • Fun and games
  • Circuit training with ball
  • Allow tackles
  • Practice little technique (I don't like it)
    • more game and 1:1 / 2:2
  • Coordination ladder
  • Complicated game forms
  • compete with your teammates


  • Stay calm - don't shout
  • Explain mistakes patiently
  • I like to have fun and fight with my friends.
  • I think it's stupid if we're not allowed to play according to ranking.
  • I would like to be free and play my game.
  • Run the ball in your own ranks.

What a coach must be able to do

  • Once around the world (trick with the ball)
  • Good and tight ball control
  • Very good technology
  • know many tactics
    • Corner kicks and free kicks

Further information

  • I don't like it when other children don't take training seriously
  • be like my father

One answer or wish is not mentioned, as practically everyone had stated it: "a nice and friendly trainer".

In summary, we can certainly say that sport is important, but it is the human and social aspects that make the difference. Because without trust, enjoyment and fun, it is only a matter of time before the player gives up on the team, the club or the sport.